Fixed Rates: Our Rate Hold Guarantee
With our Rate Hold Guarantee you get the lowest rate available in the period 30 days prior to your maturity date. Renew within this period to protect your rate and maximize your Home Equity Line of Credit Fixed Rate Advantage Option savings! If you renew online, we're offering 1/2% off our posted Home Equity Line of Credit Fixed Rate Advantage Option rates for closed terms of one to five years! See today's rates and terms.

-The interest rate is fixed for the full term, so you know exactly how much interest you'll pay and protect you from increased expense.
-Your payment amount and term are unaffected by changes in interest rates.
-You can switch to variable rates at any time if rates fall.

Variable Rates: Change with the times
A Variable Rate Loan can help you benefit from those times when interest rates are low. Your monthly payments remain the same, but if rates go down, more of your payment goes toward the principal, so you can pay off your loan faster. If rates start moving up, you can convert the outstanding balance to a fixed-rate loan for the remainder of your term.
Based on your financing needs, we'll help you choose the loan that's best for you and structure payments that you'll be comfortable with:
-The interest rate fluctuates with our Prime Rate Prime Rate, so you can save when interest rates fall.
-If interest rates rise, your payments will likely stay the same, but your amortization Amortization term will increase to account for the higher rate. If interest rates fall, your payments stay the same and your amortization Amortization term will decrease — so your loan is paid off faster!
-You can switch to fixed rates at any time if rates rise.